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Destiny Investments Dennis S. Brown, President

P.O. Box 740905 Houston, TX 77274-0905 , Toll Free (800) 634-5349

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Dennis S. Brown, President of Destiny Investments, firmly believes that "Your Attitude is Showing!"  and it is also the topic of one his most powerful talks as a major force on the national public speaking circuit.

His best selling motivational tape and attitude T-shirts has have received praise from former President Bill Clinton, motivational speaker Les Brown and the Houston based homeless group S.E.A.R.C.H., just to name a few.

Dennis believes “The only difference between A GOOD DAY is your ATTITUDE!”® He explains that positive attitude differs from positive speaking by simply one word --ACTION! In fact, he says that “attitude is feeling, belief, and passion, and if we stir up those ingredients in the bowl of life--oh how sweet our days will be!”

Dennis, who grew up the youngest of five children in a three room "shot-gun" house in central Louisiana, credits his parents and his belief in God as the most influential factors in his own life's success. 

As an honors graduate from Southern University, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a degree in accounting, he combines his business training and experience as an accountant and businessman to ensure that his seminars and speeches increase the bottom-line performance for his clients.

Dennis differs from other motivational speakers and trainers because of this great anecdotes based on true life experiences that both entertain and inform his audiences with his ultimate goal being to "motivate others to elevate their thinking and take action to improve themselves." His professional, straightforward, yet folksy and easy to understand manner endears him to his audiences.

"Mr. Attitude", as he is known by his peers, is well known for his wit, humor and humanness, his "attitude adjustment" seminars have attracted regional and national attention.  He has been selected by Les Brown to become a member of his National Speakers Bureau.