Solatube installed over a workstation

Brighten Up® Series

Our residential products cover a number of different applications and areas of the home. First, we offer solutions to address lighting needs in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and other rooms in the home. We offer Solatube products with built in fans for bathrooms and with remote control dimmers to deliver the precise amount of light needed.

Next, we offer a product call Solar Star that is designed to reduce the heat build up and moisture in the attic of your home. The Solar Star is powered by the sun's rays and is effective in improving the air circulation in your attic.

The next product, called The WaterFall Gutter Guard provides protection for homes that are surrounded by trees that causes the accumulation of debris. This product offers a safe and economical way to eliminate the problems associated with the build up of debris in gutter systems.


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Solatube adds natural light to enhance worker effectiveness.
The WaterFall Gutter Guard System
View of Solatube from the roof
Residential Products and Solutions
View of the Solatube's light collector on the roof of a residential home.
Cut away view of the Solar Star
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Solar Star
Gutter Guard WaterFall

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